How did we emerge?

Looking at the number of underprivileged children, who are hungry, who die because of malnutrition and other reasons caused by hunger, the idea arose to create this cause of solidarity to help underprivileged children, especially those who are in school.

Our idea is to bring back the smile and joy of those children who do not have bread to eat, nor clothes and shoes and who for these reasons do not attend school and prefer to leave their homes to find in the streets the solution to the problems which affect their families.

We have emerged to continuously impact the lives of various people to have love for others and practice charity with those in need, instill in the minds of those who have a favorable social level through our social project the importance and need for them to donate goods to help those who are less socially favored.

We want to contribute to the local development program to fight poverty. The increasing numbers of worrisome infant and child mortality that are physically affected by malnutrition are also a fundamental basis in what has led us to the development of the Community Cafeteria  project.

Above all, we appeared because God wanted us to.

With this cause we want to give back to our little ones the smile that one day was stolen from them by the needs their families have faced without being able to solve them.  

Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy eating habits since childhood provide good levels of health and promote the perfect physical and intellectual development of children, reducing disorders caused by nutritional deficiencies common to this stage of development and prevent the appearance of diseases and other eating disorders.

A balanced and healthy diet is essential for the well-being at all stages of life. During childhood, when the body is growing and developing, nutrition plays a very important role. In fact, both in childhood and adulthood, the principles of a healthy life are the same. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients such as minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, however, children need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages.

Although children can eat daily and free in the cafeteria, the focus of our project is the development of children, so it is mandatory that school-age children are enrolled in a school so that they can enjoy the services of the cafeteria.

The Solidarity Association PRECISO DE, together with the Cazenga Administration, has specialized teams to help enroll the children.

Our goal is to encourage school-age children, who are in families below the poverty line, not to abstain from school because of hunger, since many of them are forced to miss school because they have nothing to eat, wear and put on, others even drop out due to lack of these goods and financial and social difficulties. Some even end up dedicating themselves to the activities of street sales, shining shoes on the sidewalks, cab collector (known as cobele) to help their families.

Children in schools have a special and personalized service, and a card will be created specifically to allow access to children in school within our policy of administration and management of the Community Cafeteria, in order to encourage parents to enroll their children in schools.


The Cafeteria is a place to help the most vulnerable population of the Luandan society, in particular the children who are in school, so that they are able to have free quality meals to improve their physical and intelectual development.

The cafeteria will have an area of approximately 1.303.50 m² and will be developed on a ground floor that will be connected to other areas such as: the bakery, sewing room and African clothing sales store.

The structure of the cafeteria will gather the requirements to welcome the children with comfort, a place where they can feel comfortable in a children’s environment, where they feel that they have not been forgotten, that they have not been abandoned that they are valuable and loved.

We are more focused on supporting children who are currently studying or wish to do so because we believe that when children attend school, they develop their basic skills, their talents and their emotional and social being.

The Construction of the Cafeteria PRECISO DE

The Community Cafeteria is willing to develop social actions, food and nutritional education for the population in a situation of social vulnerability, the basis of the project is the construction and management of Community Cafeterias to provide quality meals to the population in a situation of social disadvantage, especially children that attend school.

Our aim is to carry out job offers for men and women with low schooling levels aiming at social and productive inclusion through the promotion of food education, productive and income generation actions for a cause which will perpetuate for many years.

Purpose of the Community Cafeteria  PRECISO DE

The main objective of the Community Cafeteria is to provide at least 800 meals a day in each location where it is established, satisfying the children.

We intend to give the hook to children and the fish to those in need and we hope that after satisfying this basic need we will contribute to reduce infant mortality, malnutrition, literacy and the high level of absenteeism in schools.

Through this solidarity cause, the Community Cafeteria  PRECISO DE would like to return to the schools the children who abstain from attending them, to encourage through the social activities that will be developed the importance of children to have access to a school, to be educated not only at home but also in schools and in society in order to achieve personal success when they reach adulthood.

Personal goals make children happy because, according to psychologists, children are happier when they achieve their goals on their own merit. Still, it is important to develop children’s autonomy, letting them play alone or make them do some simple house chores and educate them to develop their emotional intelligence, being able to regulate and control their emotions in order to solve problems in a peaceful way.

A positive education from society makes children more confident and believe more in themselves. A positive person controls their mind better, interprets reality better, and is able to achieve full happiness.

All of this is possible, by educating children so that they give fair value to each thing and can learn to differentiate the most important details of life.

The Community Cafeteria PRECISO DE  does not only want to provide free meals, but also to offer a comfortable and welcoming place for children to eat in peace, because it is better to eat bread in a house where there is peace than to eat a banquet in a house where there are fights. We need to provide the conditions for the children to feel welcome, not only because of the local conditions but also because of our volunteers who are properly trained in dealing with the children.

The Community Cafeteria PRECISO DE  wants to bring back the joy that was not seen in some children, therefore within the structure of the cafeteria we will also have a space for entertainment where children can play which is one of the human rights of children.

Within the policies of the activities to be developed in the Community Cafeteria, are classrooms that will also be built where the children who do not attend school can learn to read and write, but those who are already attending school and have more difficulties to read and write will also have the privilege of being taught by our education volunteers.