How to help

How can I help?

Become our partner.

You can help with donation of non-perish food products, used clothes and shoes, kitchen utensils, single-use diapers, toilet papers, napkins, amons others,

Call our community helpline:

+244 947 011 104

You can become a volunteer of the Association Preciso de. For further information refer to the “Recruitment” section”.

We help the most vulnerable families find their sustainability.

Giving bread to the hungry is a gesture of charity, but we become more charitable when we teach the hungry: to dose the quantities of wheat flour with yeast and water, knead the wheat flour, shape the bread, take it to the oven and finally have the bread, we believe that in this way the person values more the good that was given to him.

Helps us to offer jobs to those people from families that are below the poverty line and who are illiterate or have low levels of education.


Your contribution will be used to:

  • Provide the hook to the future generation, bringing in this way the joy of living
  • Save the most precious gift a child has that is his life.
  • The construction and equipping of Community Cafeterias
  • Purchase of food
  • Purchase of school supplies
  • Purchase of cleaning material

Beneficiary: Associação Preciso De 
Address (Headquarters): Associação Preciso De, Mercado da Nova Luz, Cazenga, Luanda/ Angola
Bank: Banco Fomento Angola (BFA)
Bank Address:BFA Agência Nova Vida Living, Luanda – Angola 
Account Number (AKZ): 231513666-30-001 
IBAN (AKZ): AO06.0006.0000.3151.3666.3023.9
Swift Code: 

Maintaining healthy eating habits is essential to allow normal maturity and growth during childhood and adolescence, contributing to resistance and disease prevention and also to the development of intellectual capacity, physical and mental well-being and the promotion of school performance, the necessary efforts to constantly improve the nutritional quality and food safety of our target audience lead us to seek financial assistance from any organization, national and multinational companies interested in supporting our cause of offering a quality meal to children from families with a social level below the poverty line.

Within our policies of organization and management of the Community Cafeteria we will try to find mechanisms to make the management of the goods that are donated clear, that is, through our website each donor will know how the cafeteria is using the goods, and where. Our intention is to maintain the greatest transparency with our donors so that they know with certainty that the donations they have made have taken the right destination.