The Association


To become an Angolan reference in the fight against hunger and school failure as a way to reduce poverty and rescue children’s values.


To improve the quality of life of socially vulnerable children, fighting hunger, rescuing human dignity by offering individualized and qualified care to children.


We are transparent and honest, we believe in continuous improvement and commitment to our beneficiaries, employees, volunteers, donors and other partners.


The Association “PRECISO DE“, has as its main social purpose the provision of free quality meals of children in school, who are amongst families living in social vulnerability, to commit to a balanced diet and healthy eating habits since childhood that provide good levels of health and promote the perfect physical and intellectual development of children at pre-school and school age, reducing disorders caused by nutritional deficiencies common to this stage of development and preventing the appearance of diseases and other eating disorders.


In order to achieve its objectives, the social solidarity association “PRECISO DE” offers to create and maintain the following activities:


The Association PRECISO DE thought about the implementation of a bakery inside the cafeteria in order to reduce the list of its needs, besides the bakery providing bread to meet the needs of the cafeteria it will also contribute to its self-support and the training of bakers.

Tailor/ Seamstress

Awakening the interest of some people in sewing and discovering talents and their skills in the area of tailoring and sewing is also one of the reasons why a tailor and sewing room will be implemented, since the values raised in this area have served to support the families of all who develop their activities here.

Sale of African Clothes

The sale of African clothes on a national and international level is one of the ways to promote our Community Cafeteria, making the voice of our solidarity cause sound through the clothes that will be hand made by our seamstresses.

Workshop and craft store

The world of art and craft is in the heart of many Africans. This is why we wish to introduce the children to this world in their early days.

Ballet lessons, Karate, Judo, Chess Classes

The extra curricular activities help to keep our children busy in activities that allow them to develop their body and mind.

These activities enable children to exercise and improve memory, concentration, critical thinking, coordination, posture, flexibility among many other skills.


Tutoring, school complements and literacy classes will be held in the Community Cafeteria. The objective is to help the child to develop the habit of study, discipline, concentration and independence in the learning process.